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Trace Reference Causes ArchiCAD to Slow

by KatalinTakacs, updated 2014-02-18 • ArchiCAD16 • RefID: 144911 • Status: Fixed


When the Trace Reference function is activated in the project, it causes ArchiCAD 16 to slow down.
The reference file is a View from the View Map.



The 3D Window Settings are also checked when a View is loaded as a Reference. If the View, used as a Reference, was saved with a different 3D Engine Setting (Internal Engine or Open GL) than the current setup, this will be loaded repeatedly.

When the trace reference is from the view map and not the project map then then essentially two layer combinations are used to display the elements on your screen. In this case differing intersection groups in the two layer combinations can incur heavy performance penalties.


To avoid the slow down:

  • Match the 3D Engine for 3D element display in View » 3D View Options » 3D Window Settings dialog with the current setup. In most cases, this has to be switched from Internal Engine to OpenGL.

  • You can also create a New View with the current 3D Settings and the desired parameters.
  • Use a Reference file from the Project Map instead of the View Map.
  • If you must use the View Map as a trace reference set the intersection groups for all layers in the two layer combinations (layer combination of the trace reference and the layer combination of the view you are working in) to the same number, for instance the value "1".

This issue is has been fixed in ArchiCAD 16. If facing with similar problems, make sure to install the latest update.

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