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Troubleshooting / PastedMultistoryHotlinkDrops

Multi Story Hotlink Module can not be pasted to a different story

by KatalinBorszeki, updated 2013-09-02 • RefID: 157956 • Archicad 17 • Open


When trying to paste a multi-story hotlink module into a multi-story host file, the levels of the pasted file will match its original level setup, even if that is not the intended result. If a 3 story hotlink (0,1,2) is pasted onto a host file's level 1, the hotlink will drop down to its original levels (0,1,2) instead of adopting the host file's first level as its home story (1,2,3).

Single story hotlinks render desired results.


Bug in hotlink handling


Separate multi-story hotlink modules to single-story hotlinks and copy-paste individually.

{i} Note: This issue is planned to be fixed with the ArchiCAD 17 Hotfix #2

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