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Troubleshooting / EnergyEvaluationErrorMessage

Energy Evaluation gives Error Message about "Zone calculation did not converge"

by GaborAlmasi, updated 2013-11-05 • RefID: 159768 • ArchiCAD17 • Open


After starting Energy Simulation the calculation might fail and Energy Evaluation gives Error with the following message: Zone calculation did not converge. (Error ID: 139)



There is an issue with the calculating engine (VIPCore), that prevents Energy Evaluation to calculate with the specified Building Systems. The error message appears in those cases, when one of the added building systems is the Wall-mounted gas boiler with Boiler or Furnace parameter.



Changing the Boiler or Furnace parameter to Not Yet Specified, or changing the Wall-mounted gas boiler building system to another appropriate system can help, so that the calculation can run.

{i} Note: GRAPHISOFT is planning to fix this issue in ArchiCAD 17 Hotfix #4.

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