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This is a Wiki article collection site of ArchiCAD issues and technical materials as well as a good starting point for troubleshooting.

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Known Issues in ArchiCAD 17

Crash at Send & Receive in a TW project with hotlinked Walls
A Teamwork project can crash during the receive process if the Hotlink module contains a wall with Top linked connection.

Download button does not work on myarchicad.com with Internet Explorer 11
Download links of ArchiCAD versions and some other functions do not work on myarchicad.com with Internet Explorer 11.

Cannot change Pet Palette function: Elevate Mesh Point Height
In ArchiCAD 17 Hotfix #4 (5005) after using the Elevate Mesh Point Height Pet Palette function, switching to another function by clicking on Cancel is not possible: Pet Palette disappears.

Crash when a non-default Building Material is deleted
ArchiCAD 17 can crash if a custom Building Material is deleted. The crash only happens if this newly created Building Material is used by a Shell element and its shown as a cut surface on a Section view.

Energy Evaluation gives Error Message about "Zone calculation did not converge"
After starting Energy Simulation the calculation might fail and Energy Evaluation gives Error with the following message: Zone calculation did not converge. (Error ID: 139)

Crash when placing a Camera Path to the View Map in Organizer
ArchiCAD 17 Hotifix #2 (4005) crashes if a Camera Path is placed from the Project Map to the View Map in the Organizer Palette.

BIMx compatibility issues with iOS 7
BIMx can crash using "Open in BIMx" option, and users cannot quit from the Feedback page.

Wall, Column, Zone Parameter Exclusions in Favorites might not work correctly
The function that the checked parameters in the Parameter Exclusion list on Favorite Preferences Dialog will not be applied with favorites, might not work properly.

Slowdown on MacBook Pro Retina with Trace containing a Drawing
Pan, zoom, navigation and creation of new elements can be extremely slow on machines with high resolution screens when the Trace & Reference is turned on and contains a drawing.

New Elements are placed to another Story after Share in Teamwork
After sharing a project when we would like to place new elements ArchiCAD prompts with a warning message.

Self Intersecting Mesh Polygon Results in "Memory Full" Message
When moving one point of a mesh polygon onto another point of the same polygon, an Invalid mesh and Memory Full error message appears.

Known Issues in ArchiCAD 16

Pdf opening issue in Adobe Reader, caused by Fill
Starting with the Adobe Reader version 11.0.01 on Mac, PDFs will not open if containing any far from origin "Insulation 01" fill.

IFC Scheme Setup
The two default IFC schemes: Concept Design BIM 2010.xml and COBie.xml are troublesome to find when using the Merge command in IFC Scheme Setup.

3D Window Crashes with OpenGL Engine on some Video Cards
ArchiCAD can crash in the 3D window with OpenGL engine.

AMD FirePro Video Card driver can cause crash in 3D
ArchiCAD can crash in the 3D window during moving or orbiting.

Editing Plane is missing with certain video cards
The Editing Plane is not displayed in 3D.

IFC Import Populates Embedded Library
IFC import will populate the embedded library. This behavior can lead to very large embedded libraries and possible performance problems.

Text Size do not Appear Correctly in Revit after Export
If you use DWG files to exchange information between ArchiCAD and Revit, the text size may be not correct, it will not react to scale changes.

Unexpected Labeling/Scheduling of Openings on Floors Offset from Project's Story Settings
Sometimes a region of a building needs to be offset vertically from a standard floor. This happens commonly with a split floor, or when an architectural job consists of two or more towers/buildings.

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Troubleshooting Guides and Known Issues

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2D Editing
Group, Move, Align, Distribute, Reshape

Attribute Manager, Layers, Line Types, Pen Sets, Fill Types, Composite Structures, Profiles, Materials, Renovation

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