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Access Menu Items through the Built-in Menubar Search on Mac

by MartonKiss, updated 2012-04-27

On Macs running Snow Leopard (10.6) and newer there is an awesome search field in the menu bar. If you cannot remember where a menu item is located in the menu structure, you can use this search field to quickly access the command. You can either perform the command immediately, or use the search results to find the command in the menu structure.

  • search.png

If you would like to be even more productive you can use a keyboard shortcut to access the search field and open any dialog without the need to touch your mouse, trackpad or Wacom tablet.

You can find or change the default shortcut in System Preferences, Keyboard, Keyboard Shortcuts. The default is cmd shift / (which you can think of as cmd-?) but this may depend on the language settings.


From the point you know the shortcut you can open the well hidden PhotoRendering dialog by:

  • using the shortcut cmd shift /

  • starting to type PhotoRendering: ph

  • pressing the down key
  • hitting enter

within one second.

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