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How to list the Wall Surface

by JuditBoros, updated 2013-07-02

In ArchiCAD the Listing/Scheduling the Wall Surface if the Room has a Solid Element Operation is not possible at the moment. Until the correction there is a possible workaround.

basic idea

instead of the Zone we will list a Morph, created from a Zone. This Morph will show us the Surface of the Wall.

In this image you can see 3 situations.

  • left: there is a Zone in the Wall, no Solid Element Operation is used
  • middle: there is a Zone in the Wall cropped by a Slab.
  • right: there is a Morph in the Wall created from a Cropped Zone


In this list you can see that regardless of the Zone being cropped or not, the Wall surface is the same (left and middle image from the picture above )


In this list you can see that if the Zone was cropped earlier and was converted to a Morph, the Wall surface can be listed. (right image from the picture above)


how to list the Surface of the Wall?

  1. create a Zone
  2. proceed to the Solid Element Operation. In the images you can see the Zone cropped by the horizontal Slab. Achieve any kind of Solid Element Operation, no matter if it is Crop or Trim or SEO.
  3. select the Zone and Convert Selection to Morph(s), the simple way is to right click on the Zone and select the command from the Context Menu
  4. delete the upper and lower surface of the Morph


  1. list the Morph (create a Schedule with Morph in the Value field and add Surface to the Schedule Fields


Now in the list you will see the real surface of the room.

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