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'''Categories:''' CategoryFill CategoryRenovation CategoryDocumenting Category3dModeling



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• ArchiCAD 15


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Overriding cut fill in Renovation Filter


Cut fill from Solid Fill type does not get overridden in any Renovation Filter. This affects all elements which have a solid cut fill, no matter what Renovation Status do they have.

E.g. in the example below, both walls should appear with yellow "rigid insulation" fill in the 'To Be Demolished' status, but the solid wall remains solid.
01RenovationOverrideStyles.png 03DemolitionPlan.png


Whether a fill gets overridden or not depends on its category. At present ArchiCAD does not override fills from Solid Fill type.


Either avoid using solid fills as cut fill or as a workaround you can create a 100% solid Symbol Fill using the Fill tool which can be overridden by Renovation Filters.
Creating Symbol Fills is explained in ArchiCAD Help.

The correction of this issue is planned to be in the next Hotfix of ArchiCAD 15.

Categories: CategoryFill CategoryRenovation CategoryDocumenting Category3dModeling

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