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BIMx Frequently Asked Questions

by MartonKiss, KatalinTakacs, TundeOmajtenyi, updated 2013-05-17

What makes BIMx for mobile devices unique compared to other 3D viewers?

Most 3D model viewers for the mobile devices are generic purpose viewers. This means their navigation functionalities are basically limited to 3D orbit, pan and zoom. BIMx has a lot more to offer than that (selective list):

  • It is a full “natural” building explorer environment - with gravity and egress recognition just to mention examples – that is with all the necessary UI features that make or break great user experience
  • It has sophisticated visual filters (views) to provide a high quality architectural presentation environment such as stereoscopic view etc.
  • It is integrated with an ecosystem of the desktop application and the online model sharing community


What are the system requirements for BIMx?

For detailed description, see System Requirements for BIMx.

How to upgrade to BIMx for ArchiCAD 16?

Please contact your local ArchiCAD reseller to upgrade your current BIMx or Virtual Building Explorer license for the latest version.

What are the recommended mobile devices to run BIMx?

The BIMx for Android version was mainly developed to explore 3D models on tablets. Many of the most popular Android tablets have been also tested: Samsung, Asus, Motorola, Archos and Kindle Fire HD devices.
As a general rule, the capability of the processor, memory and GPU influence the usage of BIMx models: more models can be smoothly managed with more memory. The performance speed (FPS) mostly depends on the capabilities of the GPU.

Generally, the following devices are recommended:

  • iOS
    • iPad 2 or newer (iPad 4 has significantly better performance than any older/other versions)
    • iPhone 4 or newer
  • Android
    • Hardware: devices with 1 Ghz or faster CPU, 1 GB+ RAM and powerful graphics (e.g.: Tegra3, Tegra2, Mali400MP, PowerVR SGX 540)
    • Software: Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or newer on smartphones, Android 3 (Honeycomb) or newer on tablets

What can cause sudden restart, quit or freeze on my Android device?

The memory capability of your device is responsible for managing more 3D BIMx models. If the application restarts, freezes or quits, probably the memory of the device is full.

How to load my models to my mobile device?

Is there a difference between the iOS and the Android versions of BIMx?

  • The feature set of the applications is the same on both platforms, you can navigate on the same way through the model

  • There are slight differences for example regarding user interface, location of the settings and in the file management. Read more: model transfer on iOS and on Android devices

How can I install the required ArchiCAD hotfix for ArchiCAD 16 to have all BIMx features?

  • open ArchiCAD
  • choose Help/Check for updates

  • download the package and install it

Can I use BIMx with Start Edition 2012 or with Educational/Trial versions?

Yes, all versions have BIMx Add-On (BIM Explorer) as a default part of the ArchiCAD package. The executables saved in the Trial version can be opened only on the computer where they were saved, the Educational version's saved executables have an Educational version watermark.

BIMx Update

How do I refresh BIMx Desktop Viewer?

BIMx Add-On (BIM Explorer) with a player included is a default part of the ArchiCAD 15 and 16 package so all updates are coming with ArchiCAD updates.

What is new in BIMx for ArchiCAD 16?

What is new in BIMx update version 2.1.3453 released on 25 November 2012?

  • Bug fixes

What is new in BIMx update version 2.1.3421 released on 01 October 2012?

  • iOS6 and iPhone 5 support
  • Gallery
  • Guided navigation

What is new in BIMx update version 2.0.3009 released on 03 July 2012?

What is new in BIMx update version 1.2.455 released on 17 April 2012?

  • Retina Display support for iPad 3

Model Transfer

I have ArchiCAD installed, can I load my models to iOS devices?

If you have ArchiCAD 16, you can instantly load your models to iOS devices.

If you have ArchiCAD 15, you need to install the first ArchiCAD 15 hotfix build 3267 (or any of the hotfixes released later) to have the new BIMx features.

What are the different options available to create BIMx models for clients?

For all available options see: BIMx/LicenseTypes

How do I share BIMx models with my clients?

From BIMx desktop edition you can save the following formats:

  • Mac executable .app that can be run on any Mac
  • Windows executable .exe that can be run on any Windows computer
  • .bimx file that can be opened with BIMx Desktop/Laptop Viewer (free product) on Macs/on Windows or can be transferred via iTunes to any iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) device if BIMx App is installed - available as free app in the App Store. For detailed description about the model transfer see: BIMx/iOStransfer The mobile application is also available for Android devices. Regarding model transfer to Android based devices see: BIMx/AndroidTransfer

  • also you can post models directly to the BIMx Community Site

  • if you have an active active Software Services Agreement, you can use he BIMx Model Transfer Service, which is a new “cloud-service” offered to BIMx users.

How to save in .bimx file format

The simple save button within BIMx saves .bimx files.
If the Save and Share buttons do not appear, either the file and ArchiCAD license types do not match (for details, please visit BIMx/LicenseTypes or check the Known Issues of BIMx.

What is the BIMx Model Transfer Service?

The BIMx Model Transfer Service is a new “cloud-service” offered to BIMx users with active Software Services Agreement. Users are entitled to 1 GB free cloud storage space after each commercial BIMx license they own.

Read more about that in the following article: BIMx/PremiumAccount

BIMx Community Site

Who can access BIMx models on the Facebook community site?

The BIMx community site though integrated into Facebook the community site is freely accessible to non-Facebook users as well. The BIMx community site will be accessible in any of the following ways:

  • Through the ArchiCAD fan page on Facebook
  • Through direct page URLs: gsBIMx.com and m.gsBIMx.com
  • Through direct links to uploaded BIMx models’ download page
  • Through built-in links from mobile devices (iPad/iPhone)
  • Through comments/likes/shares on Facebook users “Walls”

Users can search/browse and download BIMx models from the site without registration or log-in. Social functions such as comments/likes/shares require Facebook login.

Who can upload BIMx models onto the Facebook community site?

At the current moment BIMx models can only be uploaded (published) directly from the BIMx desktop application (no upload through the web browser). The first time BIMx users want to publish their models to the community site they will be required to register. At subsequent uploads the site authentication will run automatically via a personal license key that will be issued upon registration and needs to need to be entered in BIMx only once (for the first). Logon to the community site is only required to manage one’s uploaded models (edit model details/delete models etc.).

What are the different ways for people to register to the community site?

Registration requires an ArchiCAD/BIMx installation and can be initiated in the following ways:

  • Register from scratch
  • Login (register) with Google or Facebook ID
  • Login with existing MyArchiCAD.com username/password

This way we provide very easy access (via existing Google/Facebook accounts) and also provide automatic access for users on MyArchiCAD.com. This also means however that both BIMx users and Google/Facebook users have “fast-track” registration and access to MyArchiCAD as well.

Technical Questions

Where can I find the installed desktop application(s)?

Default BIMx Add-On folders (Add-On + player):

  • On Mac: /Applications/Graphisoft/ArchiCAD 16/Add-Ons/BIM Explorer
  • On Windows: C:\Program Files\Graphisoft\ArchiCAD 16\Add-Ons\BIM Explorer

Default BIMx Desktop Viewer folders:

  • On Mac: /Applications/Graphisoft/BIMx Viewer
  • On Windows: C:\Program Files\Graphisoft\BIMx Viewer

Can I use Space Navigator from 3D Connexion with BIMx?

No, it is not supported at the moment.

Can I perform a Global Illumination render in the background?

Yes, from BIMx build 3269 (comes with the first ArchiCAD 15 hotfix) BIMx can run in the background on all platforms, so you can simply alt tab/cmd tab to an other application and BIMx will run in the background.

Does BIMx have Anti-aliasing?

No, it is not supported at the moment on the desktop version, only on the mobile version.

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